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Attendees become part of the main event by sharing their photos live and on all available screens. Experience a new level of guest interaction at Parties, Concerts, Parades, Weddings, and More.

Text & Social Media

Your guest can submit their photos through standard text or any major social media. Their photos are displayed across all available screens.

Larger Coverage

Local bars, restaurants and business can share in the Community that develops at your main event by displaying Event Guest photos on their screens.

Raising The Bar

Event-goers can download all photos or some photos for free or on a paid-access basis. This enables an additional revenue stream or fund-raising opportunities.

Quality & Moderation

Submissions can be reviewed before presentation for quality and suitable content.

Interactive Community

Turn your visitors into interactive attendees, sharing their photos and participating in the show.

Sponsorships & Promotions

Response texts can include promotions, hyperlinks, sponsorships or opt-in functionality

Capture YouR Big Day from many views and perspectives

Enable/Disabled Monitoring and Review before presenting.

Latest showcase event

Swallow Day Parade in the San Diego, CA

“Swallow Day Parade was a huge success. Frog Jumping became one of our most popular events!”

– Event Organizer

Parade Showcase

Choose your frog

The Swallows Day Parade has a a Frog Hopping competition that has increased in popularity. Photo taken by attendee and shared across all screen platforms.

Capturing joy

When the audience joins into the interactive experience, sharing moments is a group experience of joy, laughter, and fun.

sharing laughter

Perspectives change, and the audience dictates the worthy snapshots that represent the event through their eyes. This gives every person an opportunity to shine.